Masses And Lesions In Spleen

There are many different kinds of masses and lesions of the spleen.  Masses and lesions range from benign cysts, post traumatic findings like bleeds, to cancers and conditions which you are born with.   Many of these are identified and diagnosed on imaging studies.  The treatment of masses and lesions of the spleen can vary greatly depending on the diagnosis.

What are splenic masses and lesions?

Splenic masses occupy space in the spleen.  Lesion is a more broad term that refers to most abnormalities in the spleen.

Symptoms of masses and lesions in spleen

Symptoms depend on the diagnosis.

Masses and lesions can be silent without symptoms.  These can include lesions which you are born with, cysts and some tumors.

Infections of the spleen can present with fever, pain, sepsis and blood work abnormalities.

Tumors can present with pain by the spleen, weight loss and other constitutional symptoms.

How are spleen masses and lesions diagnosed?

They are diagnosed suing imaging studies like ultrasound, CT and MRI.  We can not diagnose masses and lesions of the spleen on X-ray.  We may sometimes see calcifications on X-ray but we can not make a specific diagnosis.

What do splenic masses and lesions look like on imaging?

The appearance on imaging will depend in the diagnosis.  Cysts will be filled with fluid.  More aggressive cancers will be heterogeneous, irregular, and invade other structures around it.  Infections may present as multiple small abscesses or a larger single collection.

What else can look like a splenic mass in radiology?

Splenic masses are abnormal space occupying lesions in the spleen.  Sometimes the spleen can have lobulations which can mimic a mass.

What causes masses and lesions in spleen?

It depends on the diagnosis.   Infections occur because of organisms that infect the spleen.  Tumors occur for the same reasons we get cancer in other parts of the body.  Pseudocysts occur after an injury and a bleed occurs.

Are speen masses and lesions cancerious?

Some masses and lesions are cancerous.  Lymphoma, angiosarcoma and metastasis represent cancer.

Are speen masses and lesions dangerous?

They can be depending on the diagnosis.  Infections and cancers can be dangerous and need treatment.

How do we tell masses and lesions apart?

In some cases, the imaging appearance will tell us a specific diagnosis.  In other cases, we may need more imaging tests, biopsies and comparison to any prior exams.

What type of doctor treats splenic masses and lesions?

Again, this often depends on the diagnosis.  Infections may be treated by an internal or infectious disease doctor.  Trauma and bleeds may be treated by a surgeon.  Tumors may require multiple specialists like oncologists and surgeons.

Splenic masses and lesions treatment

The treatment will depend on the diagnosis.  Many lesions are not treated like cysts and pseudocysts of the spleen.  Infections will be treated according to the organism causing them.  Tumors may be treated with surgical resection and chemotherapy.

Masses and lesions in spleen: summary

There are numerous types of splenic masses and lesions.  Many can be diagnosed on imaging studies like CT and MRI.  Some lesions and masses of the spleen can be left alone while others like infection and tumors need prompt treatment.  Further testing with imaging and biopsy may be needed in some cases to reach a diagnosis.

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