What Is CXR medical abbreviation?

Abbreviations are used across medicine.  Many abbreviations are unclear except to those who work in medicine.   CXR is a commonly seen abbreviation in medicine.

What does CXR mean?

CXR is an abbreviation for a chest X-ray.  CXR is an abbreviation which makes sense because it actually uses some of the letters from chest X-ray.

Why is CXR used instead of chest X-ray?

One is an abbreviation and may be used in medical records or by medical practitioners.  The term chest X-ray is more easily understood since it can be understood by non medical practitioners.

Why is this abbreviation used?

I am not sure, but many abbreviations are used in medicine to be more concise in medical records, especially when the same term is used multiple times.  Abbreviations also save time when practitioners write notes.

Are there any downsides to using abbreviations like CXR?

This may cause some confusion amongst certain medical practitioners who work outside of radiology.  A quick google search will often provide what the abbreviation stands for.

What is a CXR?

A chest X-ray is an X-ray of the chest.  This allows diagnosis of some abnormalities involving the lungs, mediastinum, heart and  chest wall.

How is a CXR done?

A chest X-ray is done either portably or in the radiology department by a technologist who is trained in taking X-rays.  There is usually an X-ray done from the front or back of the chest and an X-ray done from the side of the chest.

Is any preparation needed for a chest X-ray?

No special preparation is needed.  You should tell the technologist if you may be pregnant.  This will prevent exposing the fetus to radiation.

How does a chest X-ray work?

The X-ray uses a small amount of radiation.  X-rays pass through the body.  The X-rays that pass through the body are recorded by a detector.

Bone absorbs most of the X-rays and produces a white appearance.  Soft tissues like fat and muscle let more of it pass through and have different shades of gray.

Does CXR use radiation?

Yes, but it is a small amount.  The benefit of a diagnosis outweighs the risks.

Who reads the X-rays?

A specially trained physician called a radiologist will read the X-ray and provide a written report to your doctor.

When will a CXR result be available?

This varies but usually within a day.  A CXR ordered stat or one done from the emergency room may be read minutes after it is done.  A chest X-ray with important findings will often be called in by the radiologist to the ordering doctor.

Can something still be wrong with a normal CXR?

Yes.  While a chest X-ray can diagnose many conditions, some can not be detected.  Additional testing with CT may be needed.  Some deadly conditions of the chest like pulmonary embolism (clots to the lung) and lung cancers can not be identified.

CXR medical abbreviation: summary

CXR is a commonly used medical abbreviation for chest X-ray.  CXR and chest X-ray mean the same thing.  Chest X-rays are common procedures that are used to diagnose abnormalities in the chest.




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